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iStack245 (5:12:27 PM): Hi, Im iStack245. I have been using the ng forums and noticed I have been banned for posting in a so called "spam" thread. This thread had the title "Plant People WTF" and it was about someone who thought this picture of a pokemon was a plant person. I kindly posted to him what the issue was saying that it was a pokemon drawn in manga style, most likely some evolution of Gardivour. So apparently because I kindly told him the problem, I have been banned. Do you find this right?
Big Bad Milligan (5:13:13 PM): well apparently it was posting in a spam thread. and regardless of the post you made, you should be banned
iStack245 (5:14:50 PM): I don't see anything I did wrong, shouldn't people who did spam be banned, and also, how is that spam? He was confused about something he thought was real.
Big Bad Milligan (5:15:11 PM): if you posted in a spam thread. You did something wrong. PERIOD.
iStack245 (5:15:26 PM): How is it spam though? It was a serious question...
Big Bad Milligan (5:15:37 PM): I don't know. I didn't ban you
iStack245 (5:16:28 PM): w/e, its bull shit anyways, and all of the mods won't do shit about it, because they would rather just sit around lurking the BBS for random topics and banning users for no apparent reasons just for the hell of it
Big Bad Milligan (5:16:56 PM): I guess I'm adding you to the idiot list then if you're going to say shit like that to me when I had NOTHING to do with banning you
iStack245 (5:18:04 PM): Wow. It's bad enough that we have the "spam thread" rule, but to top it off we have jack asses for mods.
Big Bad Milligan (5:18:33 PM): What about you? I'm trying to help you and you start bitching about the mods as a whole. wake up and smell what you're shovelling
iStack245 (5:20:48 PM): I honeslty did nothing wrong (besides what I've done on Aim), all I did was be nice to someone to help them out, and what's my reward? A ban. People get banned on NG for no reason all the fucking time.
Big Bad Milligan (5:22:03 PM): Look. I didn't ban you. I didn't even see the thread that you and others were banned for. But you can be the nicest most helpful poster but if you're posting in a spam thread where the OP is just spamming, you're contributing to the spam. POINT BLANK PERIOD.
iStack245 (5:22:29 PM): That's one big heap of bull shit
Big Bad Milligan (5:22:35 PM): sucks to be you then
iStack245 (5:23:11 PM): I honestly respect every single NG rule
iStack245 (5:23:15 PM): Except that one
Big Bad Milligan (5:23:21 PM): don't care.
iStack245 (5:23:25 PM): So many people get banned for that.
Big Bad Milligan (5:23:33 PM): I know
iStack245 (5:23:39 PM): And plus, how do we know if they mod's will think it's spam?
iStack245 (5:23:48 PM): Most people thought it was a serious thread.
Big Bad Milligan (5:24:12 PM): I already just told you. I can't be the judge of that since I wasn't there
iStack245 (5:24:57 PM): Fuck this... because if I continue, mods will just fucking ban me for stupid shit as usual.
Big Bad Milligan (5:25:15 PM): kid. go dump your angst somewhere else. seriously
iStack245 (5:25:42 PM): oh yeah, because NG is full of serious people who take everything seriously and love to help eachother
Big Bad Milligan (5:26:09 PM): speaking of taking things seriously. take a look at yourself
iStack245 (5:26:40 PM): Yeah, I saw a bull shit excuse for a ban, so I confronted a mod about it
Big Bad Milligan (5:27:06 PM): yeah, and I helped you all I could. what's your point?
iStack245 (5:27:58 PM): Forget this, maybe I can find a mod who is a bitch
Big Bad Milligan (5:28:23 PM): you want to find a mod who is a ...bitch?
iStack245 (5:28:38 PM): inst
iStack245 (5:28:41 PM): isnt*
Big Bad Milligan (5:28:59 PM): Look fuckstick, I already told you there's nothing I can do to help you
Big Bad Milligan (5:29:06 PM): I wasn't even there. I didn't even ban you

iStack245 (5:29:22 PM): Oh yeah thats another question
iStack245 (5:29:29 PM): Why is there no specific name of who banned me
iStack245 (5:29:33 PM): I usually get a name
Big Bad Milligan (5:30:00 PM): because it was an automatic ban. if the thread started was posting with spam, then all the repliers are guilty of contributing to the spam as well
Big Bad Milligan (5:30:02 PM): that's why
Big Bad Milligan (5:30:09 PM): signing a ban is optional

iStack245 (5:31:02 PM): Let me ask you something
iStack245 (5:31:22 PM): What do you do for a living?
Big Bad Milligan (5:31:48 PM): Sorry kid, you're not going to drag me into this attempted condescending argument
Big Bad Milligan (5:31:55 PM): go bitch to wade about your problems

iStack245 (5:32:01 PM): fuck that
iStack245 (5:32:09 PM): can't stand wade
iStack245 (5:32:43 PM): It's already suprising enough that fucking adults spend their time on newgrounds
Big Bad Milligan (5:33:24 PM): most adults who spend their time on NG don't take it as seriously as most of the 16 year old population
iStack245 (5:33:50 PM): ...the 16 year old population takes it as seriously as the word cock,penis and pussy -_-
Big Bad Milligan (5:34:22 PM): let me guess, you're thirteen?
iStack245 (5:34:49 PM): obviously it says on my profile
Big Bad Milligan (5:34:57 PM): well I didn't check. I just guessed
Big Bad Milligan (5:35:33 PM): but if you're thirteen AND you're bitching to mods about shit nobody cares about then that pretty much writes you off as a complete faggot and waste of time
Big Bad Milligan (5:35:41 PM): and that's that.

iStack245 (5:37:07 PM): Exactly, you guys don't give a shit. You will (most mods) just do as you please and don't realize that your doing shit.
Big Bad Milligan (5:37:45 PM): yes, we're so corrupt. go rally a mob and take us down

That isn't what I meant
That isn't what I signed

You should have checked
the wording in the fine


You can't just have your characters announce how they feel. That makes me feel angry!

Let her go

2008-07-06 14:50:44 by Alastor

Ooh, very poor choice of words!

/* */

Currently allowing embed tags from the following sites:

YouTube, Revver, Vimeo, and GameTrailers.

/* */

Stay away from me; build a fortress and shield your beliefs

2008-04-14 06:07:30 by Alastor

touch the we line




Stay away from me; build a fortress and shield your beliefs

Our hopes and expectations

2008-04-05 23:06:35 by Alastor


Our hopes and expectations

Dragonflies out in the sun, you know what I mean, don't you know
Butterflies all having fun, you know what I mean
Sleep in peace when the day is done
It's an old world, it's a new world, it's a bold world
For me

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life

I am going on a mission

2008-02-02 01:37:07 by Alastor

Like the title says, I am going on a mission.

Why am I going on a mission? Because there is a war going on. Don't you know there's a war going on?

I hate you

2008-01-16 21:47:51 by Alastor

And especially you.

Don't waste your time or time will waste you

2008-01-10 02:30:54 by Alastor





Don't waste your time or time will waste you