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Step out of the car please, sir.

2008-08-29 16:19:57 by Alastor

What is it?

I need you to step out of the car, sir.

Step out of the car please, sir.


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2008-08-29 16:26:59

No Country For Old Men?

I really want to see that movie.


2008-08-29 16:34:10

One of the finest experiences I've had in a movie theatre.

Watching the DVD didn't diminish the awesome one bit, either, so it has yet to get boring.


2008-08-29 17:21:45

I didn't like that movie, I can see its whole artistic value but in the end it's still boring.


2008-09-07 04:47:22

I'll give you a hundred dollars for your shirt...


2008-09-14 01:34:46

WHO the hell is that?!

Alastor responds:

Anton Chigurh(sp?) from the movie No Country For Old Men. The picture above is easily the CREEPIEST frame from the movie.


2008-09-14 03:14:01

he looks stoned.

Alastor responds:

He just needs you to step out of the car.


2008-09-14 23:38:17

There ain't no damn lobos


2008-09-15 00:17:29

My favourite movie right now, I've seen it 5 times or so.. just bought it on Blu Ray (well I preordered it so I got it like 2 weeks ago).

So fucking horrible when Anton is holding the thing to the guys head and he's just stood there, I'm like "DONT JUST STAND THERE YA'LL GONNA DIE".

The coin flipping scene is also.. indescribably amazing.


2008-09-15 01:50:13

agreed... he also kinda resembles that one fairy from the starburts commercial... lTDr8


2008-09-15 04:53:04

I also need you, to give me back the bullet I planted into your face... Sir.