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Flaming Moe's

2008-10-01 02:25:40 by Alastor

When the weight of the world has got you down
and you want to end your own life
bills to pay, a dead-end job
and problems with your wife

BUT don't throw in the towel cuz there's a place right down the block
where you can drink your misery away

At flaming moes(let's all go to flaming moes! let's all go to flaming moes!)
When liquor in mug can warm you like a hug
happiness is just a flaming moe away
happiness is just a flaming moe away

Flaming Moe's


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2008-10-02 12:05:21

Flaming Homer.


2008-10-03 02:35:29

i actually mixed this drink while in HS a dare... and it does NOT light up, nor does it light up


2008-10-11 18:02:14

hey Alastor I could've sworn you had more than 2 flash submissions in your Account ?


2008-10-12 08:13:44

Possibly one of the most heartfelt simpsons episodes ever.


2008-10-12 18:47:47

no-life sensor siece of shit

Alastor responds:

It's 'censor' and 'piece'