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Ludacris: Press The Start Button

2008-12-09 05:11:23 by Alastor

Just saw this on Giant Bomb.

Apparently Ludacris recorded a song about video games that is making its way all around the internet. I'm the first guy to hate almost everything about rap but I must take my hat off for this stunt.

Enjoy the antics of Ludacris mixed in with a slew of VG references that include Street Fighter, Contra, GTA, God of War, Guitar Hero, Mike Tyson's Punch-out!!, Super Mario, Halo, Call of Duty, Pac-Mac, Virtua Fighter, Final Fantasy, Sim City, Mech Warrior, Soul Caliber, Assassin's Creed etc.

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2008-12-11 20:22:42

Fuck yeah! I thought black people were too poor to afford video games though...


2008-12-12 04:52:30

Next person I'm gonna rob is Taco's stupid ass.


2008-12-12 14:26:59

If you liked that. You should like this: hipludachrist/LUDACHRIST_BANGFEST.mp3 . (Delete any faggot ass spaces that NG added to that) It's pretty long but it's worth it especially when he gets to the parts where he samples video game music.

Leave it playing in the BG next time you're fucking around on the computer or sum shit.

Alastor responds:

Checking it out!


2008-12-19 19:55:29

I must admit - that was great! I wonder how would the clip for this song look.
Thanks for sharing

btw, could you please send me the Super Smash Bros Melee soundtrack you used in your 'tribute to Warcraft 3' via e-mail(it's I can't find it anywhere and I really want to use that in one of my current projects... I'll even credit you for that =)

Alastor responds:

lol. I made that movie four years ago and have reformatted my harddrive thrice since then.

I don't have it anymore. Sorry.


2008-12-22 19:55:56

i expected more of the video, song is... ok


2008-12-22 21:15:39

You didn't ban me for my rebellious comment.

Alastor responds:



2008-12-31 20:40:07

Hats off to Ludacris for me.He has some nice songs but this one is just expertly done.


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