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It's 1AM

2007-07-24 03:55:54 by Alastor

And I have to wake up at 5:30. Yeah, I know 1AM isn't 'late' so fuck off with that. I was going to rant and give this newspost my emotional baggage before I hit the shower and eventually sleep but I'm not angry enough to hammer RAGE INDUCED sentences into my keyboard so here's something for YOU to sleep on.

Reply to this post if you wanna sex me up.


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2007-07-25 10:07:46

what about a threesome with you and rabid? is that doable?


2007-07-26 00:20:42

I saw your sig and came here to verify. GOOD SHOW.

Alastor responds:



2007-07-26 01:05:00

Hey Alastor! Just saying what's up! :-)

Alastor responds:



2007-07-26 04:36:51

It's funny, because I've been doing the same thing the last three days. I go to work at 7, but it takes me an hour and a half to work up the willower to actually do so.

Furthermore, yes please.


2007-07-31 11:51:54

I've wanted to sex you up for two years now.

When are we gonna do this shit?


2007-08-02 19:01:29

obviously alastor doesn't want to sex me back :(


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